Validating email format php bankers dating site

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Validating email format php

Having got it to work with numeric ID's, I've now tried to set this up with SEO ID's (e.g. I've had some success, in that the url displays the blog slug and the SEO ID (blog-slug) is placed into the articleid column in the database.But the comments related to that articleid are not being displayed.If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Hello Digital Warrior, If you are using a mysql_fetch_array() then you will need to do a foreach to display them.Also if the query is returns a null response it could throw this error.While the example code above looks like a lot of work, if we strip out all of the comments, the code looks more like: We now have our php code that will display comments to the screen.In a previous article, we explained how to use php's include function to reuse code, and we will continue to use this method to use our php code.Without wanting to cause you any hassle, do you happen to know what part of your code should be changed to, so that display_knows to display comments related to the blog-slug rather than id=n.

Please feel free to read through the entire series! I am new to php and it was all made very easy, especially the sql injection and other security related code. Not only can you display a Google map and plot your points on it, but it will convert map coordinates to a human readable location and vice versa. I am working on a project that reqquires user to search for objects on a website and it takes them to a map with markers at the locations they entered. Hello Mukesh, Apologies, but we do not provide coding support, so we cannot provide the code that you seek. You can modify the code that is provided within the tutorial as a start for the problem that you are trying to solve.

If you're changing the qualifying value from and id number to specific "blug-slug", then you need to change that logic in the code and change it so that you're using a valid "blog-slug" as the condition for showing the comment.

If you are unable to do that, then you may want to consult with a programmer for help in making the customization.

Thank you, Jules Hello Jules, Thanks for the question about the code.

Unfortunately, we do not provide coding support, so we can't provide changes to existing code on our pages.

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In our previous set of articles, we've created a simple 2 page website that allows users to submit comments about the page they were looking at.