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A daughter from a collapsed noble family, due to being branded a traitor, dresses up like a man and goes out to sell books. the most hot and handsome vampire goes tooo yeo ui jo.. It is just a piece where u outlayed your stupidity. Just try to be infront of a camera once and notice how it feels like. From start to finish I tried really hard to continue, I stayed because I watch all ljk dramas but this one is the worst one ,what a huge let down , ALL the female characters were terrible, not one strong female character, all bad at acing as well Sohyuk over acting was so hard to watch ,like uhhhhhh Lee Jun ki what are you going here ? And Scholar Who Walks the Night is a real pearl in my opinion. First kiss around the end of 7th episode, second one (if any) at the very end (16th), they separate around 11th and reunite around 15-16th - almost all of them are the same (and after a time they are pretty boring). Definitely my favourite in 2015 together with Kill Me Heal Me.

She meets an attractive scholar walking at night, but the scholar is actually vampire. Great story, can't find what people say bout the actresses.. It might be a little bit boring in the middle but started to get interesting again approaching the finale. @ Eloise oh please, S H: R hasn't even start yet,don't make such assumptions since we don't even know how it'll turn out to be. People of your caliber are just liabilities to a Country. Main leads were great with great chemistry, very cute female, a handsome and charismatic male, an attractive villain, and an interesting supporting female lead (or rather two).

It's as if he knows what they feel but doesn't give a damn.

It seems like he expects his fans to just sit there watching these unenjoyable dramas in his rush to grab fans from China. From all accounts, his new drama sounds even worse than SWWTN. Moreover, I refuse to watch anything with an EXO member in it. I wish LJG had better standards than he seems to have. I'd rather he stop acting altogether than go on like this, insulting viewers with fare like this.

I believe that a much more mature actress should have been scouted. Well, u are still responsible of what u do even in internet, many people committed suicide because of some trolls like u who cannot handle themselves and attacking other people in internet. waiting scarlet heart: ryeo drama.please quickly show drama. Do you know that he's already been on the showbiz for more than ten years ? Lee Joon Gi and Lee Yoo Bi doesn't have great chemistry. Following his rebirth 120 years earlier he has struggled against his own self loathing and physical need for blood, He has but one task, he must find the secret plan rumored to hold the key to destroying the Vampire King who has secretly controlled his country for centuries. I'm not a big fan of vampire themed show but somehow this one manage to keep me watching until the end. I often felt bad whenever LJK said he's sorry for the show's rating (like the one that happened on scarlet heart last year) since its not his fault at all but more of the director and script writer and I hope he can manage to landed more better drama in the future. It's so oblivious you're an anti-fan and LJK anti, you keep "criticising" him for mundane reason and even said he's getting "celebrity disease"... Soo Hyang(Jang Hee Jin) expressed different emotions and she succeed with that. Scholar Who Walks The Night is the greatest Korean drama: the script is great, unique, and really interesting, Lee Joon Gi is Korea's best actor. There so many emotional, touching and spectacular moments in the drama, Lee Joon Gi is the most sexy vampire. That's why he was chosen to be part of the western movie 'RESIDENT EVIL 6'. I will love him till the end and wait for him to find a good drama next time :)))) The intellectual Kim Sung-yuel must accept a bleak future after he is forced to become the next Guardian Vampire. I can see that the lead female role here doesn't suit her yet although she has proven to be a good actress in other dramas I've watched. U don't even need to be responsible of what u wrote here since people don't know who u are. I wanted to see more of him and even if its too late I have to watch this. A very average drama, the biginning was law, it become interesting around ep.15! The overall plot was really good but I just find Lee Yoo Bi's acting for this role still lacking. Satisfying yourself by insulting other people using a fake name under the blanket so people don't know who u are.

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