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The trouble is of course, that bugs such as this can be in the wild for years before anyone has the slightest clue – as was the case with the recent Heart Bleed Open SSL bug.

The long answer is: some networked webcams require nothing more than a secret URL, while most USB or built-in laptop webcams would need the computer to be compromised first.What they can do though, is systematically scan a network for vulnerable operating systems and automatically inject a Trojan if something useful is found.This is fairly easily thwarted by staying behind firewalls, closing ports that aren’t needed and staying up to date with security fixes – in other words, taking a basic level of precautions.This is why using Windows XP is now thoroughly dangerous file; a rogue webpage which you visit in a vulnerable browser (Internet Explorer 9 ,10 and 11 were recently affected by this nasty bug), or something as simple as a phone call from a purported Microsoft employee offering to fix your virus infected Windows machine (which wasn’t infected, but now is).The point is that once the attacker has installed their Trojan root kit on your machine, anything is possible – including opening up your webcam stream.

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The district later admitted 56,000 images of the students had been taken.