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We may feel pressure to act like everything is okay. Some additional resources that might help you, in addition to chatting with someone in our depression chat room: What is depression? A majority of people experience sadness or depression at least once during their lifetime.It can be difficult to overcome depression without support, without learning what exactly depression is, and without learning helpful coping strategies.Sometimes we just need to communicate with others to get enough space or perspective to better understand our struggles or bad feelings.Getting help with depression can sometimes feel challenging. Other times we might be concerned about burdening other people. If you'd like to try getting depression help, check out our guides and connect with an active listener. If you're not sure if you're depressed but think you're just bored or lonely, chat in our Bored & Lonely Chat Room. Another thread worth checking out is: How do I know if I'm depressed or if I'm just sad?

The Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Warrenville, Illinois is based on Pfieiffer’s work and has treated patients with psychiatric ailments according to Pfeiffer’s megadose therapy protocols since 1988.In one of his first studies, Reiter found that 23 of his 50 schizophrenic patients improved after injections of the nutrient.Although many health practitioners experimented with nutrients and psychiatry in the interim, the term “orthomolecular psychiatry” was first used by Linus Pauling in an article published in the journal Science in 1968.This course is designed to provide you with those types of learning opportunities with the goal being to improve your mood.There are 6 lessons within this course that have been adapted from Greenberger and Padesky (1995) and Barlow (2008), which are both based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles.

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Orthomolecular psychiatry has been used to treat most every psychiatric disorder, most notably schizophrenia, depression, autism, and ADHD.

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