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When he returned to his hotel room, he noticed the heat had begun to damage his equipment after several hours in the extreme environment.Mr Marom, from Holon, Israel, said: 'We hiked about five miles to reach the red hot lava, which fortunately was flowing outside the boundary of the national park.'This enabled me to use my drone and capture unique aerial perspectives of the amazing flows.'An hour into our visit, new lava rivers simply burst straight out of the mountain side and flowed, diverging and converging, down the slopes.'We were truly mesmerised by the unusual display, and spent in all about three hours shooting at daytime, sunset and twilight.'At some point, I noticed the right side of the drone images was getting darker.'I continued shooting but when I went back to the apartment, I was surprised to see the plastic inside the drone camera had melted when I was shooting close to the lava.'He said the damage to his camera was 'worth it' in order to get unique close-ups of the lava flowing from the volcano."It’s more straightforward and as engaging, especially if the person comes across as warm and approachable," he says."Guys often try to look too stoic or overly manly." And, in keeping as close to the truth as possible, he refuses to retouch the resulting images."There’s nothing worse than going on a date and realizing that the person looks nothing like their pictures.

No matter the style, online profile photo services are thriving.

"I have such an extensive experience of online dating," she says, "that I want to share it with others." She recommends trying to spend 20 minutes a day on dating website or apps and allocating no more than one hour to a first date.

A brave photographer flew his drone camera within metres of a stream of lava reaching temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius - so hot his camera began to melt.

Nelson dedicates herself entirely to it now and has hired a second shooter.

She has plans to expand to other cities, and perhaps other countries.

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Wear clothes (and underwear) that make you feel good, trim your beard, bring props that showcase your interests.

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  1. Making an active effort, though, can establish you as one of the good folks of the online social circle, and can only be beneficial to you down the line (you never know where being a good person will help you out in the future).