Make dating site software

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Make dating site software

It's unique as it's not a "dating site" per say, however they have been great during this transition and getting me everything I've needed thus far.

Will not be using CCBill, but 3 other gateways are working well. perfect back end software for matriomonial dating sites.

I have been ramping up my site in which I purchased the template from skadate.

I have been working with a project manager, Margareth, through this process thus far and I cant say enough good things about the support I've received and how user friendly the set-up part is for a non techy like myself.

quick pros: - available extensions for some extra security (ex: Twilio based sms verificaitons).

- email verificaiton,profile content approval that come out of the box. Apart from script itself ( which is working as expected), their team set AWS server for me with all that stuff I had no idea about before and probably would have screwed up if I attempted to do this myself.

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Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team.

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