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Does the trustee need to provide notice in advance of any actions?

Is the trustee required to make periodic reports to or meet with the committee?

In the context of a chapter 11 plan, where most trusts arise, it may be impossible to eliminate future liability, especially where the trustee is grossly negligent.

Indemnity provisions limiting the trustee’s liability (except for those situations where a court of competent jurisdiction issues a final order no longer subject to appeal determining that the trustee was grossly negligent) should be put in place to level the playing field and deter meritless suits.

In the case where the premises of an FBB are adjacent to an affiliate that is a member of CDIC, the FBB must clearly indicate to its customers that its business and premises are separate and distinct from that of the affiliate referred to above; (If the applicant is from a jurisdiction having capital rules not in accordance with the minimum international standards established by the BIS, including the market-risk amendments, the applicant must provide information on the capital standards applied by the home-jurisdiction supervisor so OSFI can evaluate the applicant's capital position); An Authorized Foreign Bank (AFB) wanting to avail itself of the transition provisions at the time of its FBB application, must file a detailed plan for disposition of assets and liabilities of deposit taking subsidiary with discussion plans to transfer assets and liabilities to FBB authorizing (name of the foreign bank) [the Bank] to establish a branch in Canada to carry on in Canada the business of banking and any other business generally that appertains to the business of banking, the Bank hereby undertakes as follows: International banking expertise may be demonstrated through the existence of correspondent banking relationships, representative offices, branches, agencies and subsidiaries.

A crucial part of the assessment process will be the deposit-taking institution's regulatory history with OSFI and other regulators.Foreign banks have the choice of two vehicles for establishing and operating bank branches in Canada: a "full-service branch" or a "lending branch".(Both are covered under the term "foreign bank branch" or FBB).On October 24, 2001, the federal Government promulgated legislation (Bill C-8) to reform the policy framework for Canada's financial services sector.The Bill implements the measures contained in the Government's June 25, 1999 policy paper entitled Portions of this Guide summarize the requirements and information set out in the Bank Act and other federal statutes. If there is any discrepancy between the contents of this Guide and the relevant statutes, the latter take precedence.

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Additionally, the trustee should consider requiring that the trust provide for the purchase of appropriate insurance policies, such as an errors and omissions policy.

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