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Have your noticed you have bought tins of sweetcorn, meats or catfood, and they seem to just disappear. Dating an angler will mean you have to double-up on kitchen supplies.Their idea of a nice romantic night in, cosying up on the sofa, watching a favourite DVD will probably mean… They also grab the remote and flick over River Monsters when your favourite TV show is on.I now have Ready Brek as I find it easier to digest.I’m also obsessed with coffee – I can’t start my day without one!

Don’t be surprised that their Facebook profile image is a picture of their best catch instead of you.

Gethin Jones has been gracing our small screen's for more than a decade after first presenting for the beloved children's television programme, Blue Peter in 2005.

Since then the Welsh-born star, who is dating 29-year-old German model Katja Zwara, has shown the world that presenting isn't his only talent.

Keen anglers take fishing seriously, but with the person come some interesting side-effects that don't always translate well into relationships.

Here are a few of our favourite reasons why dating an angler can sometimes be a headache...

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Anglers can often disappear for hours and sometimes days on a fishing session…

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