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Of course if she can start paying more in that 5 year time she cuts down on the interest paid and pays off the loan sooner. You can combine your subsidized into one loan and all your unsubsidized into two loans creating two loans.If you put them all into Salle Mae they have a ton of payment options.

Through the Kap Loan program, you can receive information about federal and private loan programs, such as eligibility, rates, terms, and the required forms.

If those don't work out for you, you can defer the payments. - Chris There is a government program that will consolidate your loans at a very low interest rate. DO NOT consolidate with the company that you got the loans from or you cannot re-consolidate with the government one.

She will probably still be adding up interest, but at least she can get some time to get on her feet!

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Student loan consolidation is available if you want to quickly reduce your debt levels, late payments and improve your credit score.

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Kap Get the funding and financial support that you need to pay for your educational, academic and housing expenses.

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