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We will dine on those tiny little Snowdonian hill lambs, lunch on lobster and eat buttered bara brith for tea.Nothing could be more therapeutic after the working week.Whether you like to shop via mail order, in markets, or if you are a farm shop enthusiast, The Good Food Producers Guide 2010 should point you in the right direction.

The richer Home Counties have a less interesting food culture than Cumbria and Somerset, indicating that wealthy people are more likely to jump into their cars on a supermarket run than those with less to spend.A private members' bill has just gone before parliament, with cross-party support from MPs who reason that if privatised services like water and transport must have a watchdog to protect consumers and those that supply them, why not monitor the Big Four who monopolise our food supply?Supermarkets sell more than 70 per cent of the food in Britain.On the first morning, disconcerted by the discovery of only a blunt knife and a can opener in the kitchen drawer, you head out to track down some local produce."Excuse me," you say, desperately trying not to sound as if you left your pith helmet in the car: "Do you sell bara brith?

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They may complain that they are ill-served by regional producers, but their local, struggling farm shops report that such shoppers complain about prices all the time and are not loyal.

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